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Direct TPMS 

A direct TPMS system measures the tyre pressure by a wheel mounted TPMS sensor. The information is wireless transmitted to the car computer. It depends on the car manufacturer whether you see the 4 tyre pressures or just a warning that something is wrong with one of the tyres. A direct system is very accurate because they do their job whether the car is moving or not.


Indirect TPMS

A indirect TPMS system is measuring the tyre pressure by using the ABS and ASR sensors for each wheel separate while driving the car. When there is some air-loss, the wheel will rotate faster and the system will warn you. This system only works when you drive the car for a specific time and speed so it is much less accurate. This system requires no special TPMS sensors in the wheel. Sometimes you need to reset the system.

Type of sensors

Car specific Sensors, Original ready for use sensors, no TPMS tool required

Universal sensors, blanc sensors to be programmed by a TPMS tool.

Multi sensors, Pre-programmed sensors with multiple protocols needed to be activated for a specific car with a TPMS tool.

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